Student Portal
Brooke Jackson
User Experience Designer

Student Portal

Using the UX Design process to propose a seamless experience for students


Design a possible solution for a future student portal that enhances the student experience and connects them to the resources they need. Specifically: create a seamless registration experience.

Research and Analysis


To get a better idea of the resources students used to register for classes, I sent out a survey to recently registered students. 

  • Sent to 400 registered students, received 36 responses 
  • Every student selected two or more UNT-provided resources
  • Responses informed feature prioritization in designs


I observed the class registration process of 5 students of different ages, classifications, and backgrounds to identify specific pain points in the process. 

Through follow-up interviews, I learned about the students' behaviors, attitudes, and experiences that influenced persona creation. Their quotes, behaviors, and characteristics were organized in empathy maps.

Student Portal
Student Portal


Interviews revealed that there are who types of students in class registration: those who rely on staffed academic advisors and others advise themselves.

I realized that I needed to account for each persona's different resource needs and behaviors in the design.

Student Portal

Pain Points

Through my research, I identified three pain points:

  1. The system is difficult to use and navigate
  2. Resources are scattered, making registration time-consuming
  3. The system fails to proactively inform students


Student Portal


I used sketching to brainstorm and iterate on the design of the portal as well as interactions that could take place.

Student Portal

Wireframes and User Flow

I created wireframes for each step and potential feature of the enrollment process.

Student Portal

Final Design

Because the research focused on the enrollment process, I focused on a "classes homepage" and other features that would be included in a new portal.

This design:

  • Presents current features in a visual way
  • Accounts for all resources students need
  • Introduces new features that better serve students' needs

Classes homepage
Classes homepage


These designs were used to propose a new and development approach and digital products to enhance students' experiences.  While the design was never implemented, this work led to the creation of a new team practicing user-centered design and agile product development.